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Maritime Security


Maritime security is a very sensitive topic!

Islamistic offenders in Africa, Malaysia, Pilippines and southern Thailand attacking, robbing and hijacking with despicable attitudes peaceful and defenseless vessels of the Christian shipping. Additionally
they are usually taking the crews as hostages, in order to press out high amounts of money from the shippingcompanies. 

Hotspots are the Strait of Malakka between Indonesia and Malaysia and southern Thailand, as well the Gulf of Aden along the coastline of Somalia.

Especially in the waters of rogue states, the situation gets increasingly riskful, since there is de facto an anarchical situation being present and no legal or executive system existent.
We condemn those criminal and barbarous acts of aggression and those, who signs responsible for it and want to cooperate with affected shipping companies and our partners, to find solutions and concepts, to stop such crime in a very effective and efficient way for all times.

We believe, that especially well-trained manpower will provide the best solution, here vessel protection teams,
deployed on board a vessel during a risky passage, but we are also open for other, unconventional solutions.

We don´t know any limitations or restrictions on thinking - everything can be taken in consideration!!!
Talk to us, so then we can establish a security concept.

Please understand, that we cannot go deeper into that topic here, as it is very sensitive!

That we can do within a personal discussion. 

Of course we also serve at port facilities (e.g. warehouses, terminals, docks) to outperform the security measures according the ISPS-Code.








Above: Pirates at "work"