ESD Ermittlungs- und Sicherheitsdienst GmbH

Creditworthiness Checks


Creditworthiness checks are for those institutions, who are offering services as creditors, we perform fast and efficient creditworthiness checks, in order to prevent payment failures and loss of property.

For that we are working together with one of the largest databases, which contains data of debtors and infor-
mation on payment behavior of corporations, businesses and privat persons.

We deliver a prognosis in the style of a traffic-light (red, yellow, green), where information of debt collection
agencies, banks, credit enquiry agencies, detective agencies and executive courts are flowing in.

Those information may assist you in finding a proper decision for a certain business case.

Target group of those services are especially

- Banks and credit institutes
- Landlords, real estate and landowners
- Telecommunication service providers
- Mail-order trade companies
- Leasing corporations