ESD Ermittlungs- und Sicherheitsdienst GmbH

Safeguarding of Vehicles


Safeguarding of vehicles is a special investigation service we provide primarily for vehicle    leasing and rental corporations.

Your leasing customer fails to pay his leasing instalments for the vehicle he is using?

The contract was cancelled and the leased vehicle is not being returned by the curtomer,  may be even   hidden and out of your access?

A rental car is overdue and was not returned by the renter?

Then we are your competent contact partner!

We will take your vehicle and return it to you!

We will locate, secure and impound the vehicle in question and transport it safely by a towing service to an impound lot, where the vehicle remains until it is claimed by the leasing/rental proprietor or we take it to another place (workshop or sales point). 

Certainly we will try to find mutual solution first, where we contact the person in question, in order to get the vehicle without executive actions.

During that process we will documentate the condition of the secured vehicle in regard of any damages.


Collection orders and encashments of debts to avoid the safeguarding/safekeeping cannot be performed due to the legal sitiuation