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Security Radio Network Hamburg



The Security Radio Network Hamburg is an affordable and crisis-proof radio communication solution in the 4m and 2m Land Mobile Radio (LMR) band and brandnew, in the Digital Voice Band. exclusively for security relevant applications. It has a coverage over the area of the city-state of Hamburg and makes use of repeater stations on exposed locations. Additionally there are integrated mission coordination centers, which may supervise the various missions and where also distress alerts may be received (lone worker/man down). 

The new


Digital Voice Radio Network Hamburg


offers additional features, which are not available in conventional analog radio networks, including, but not limited to secured communication against eavesdropping and linked Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), which are forming a large network.

For temporary deployments you have access to our rental-radios, whereas there are end-user units, as well movable repeaters (e.g. for inhouse-coverage) available.

We understand the individual requirements for different missions and take the organizational, as well the tactical-operative measurements into account.  

Make use of our counseling services and get your relevant information in an individual technical discussion. 

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Further Information about the Security Radio Network Hamburg you may find here    (in German only!)


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