ESD Ermittlungs- und Sicherheitsdienst GmbH

Radio Solutions for Security


 One of our main-tasks is the projecting and installation of radio-communication facilities especially for


- Security Organizations
- Investigation and Close Protection Teams
- Event Agencies in Sports- or Concert Sector
- Forestry and Park Rangers
- Rescue Services and Disaster Management Organizations
- Industrial Fire Departments
- Technical Services
- Development Aid and Expeditions



Nevertheless whether in industrial areas or in remote places without infra-structure, whether for permanent installation or for a limited period of time, whether for local or for long-distance commo, we always have to offer a special solution, which will meet the tactical-operative needs of a certain deployment.

In our project list you will find a small overview of the opportunities and also a description of our commo-

Solutions for example are repeater-stations in the VHF/UHF bands, either for the local commo inside complex
facilities, (eg. in big shopping centers, office builidings, sport, event or exhibition centers) or for wide area range (e.g. to cover a city, a mountain-area, an industrial plant or a harbor facility).

For the longrange communication (voice/data) we also offer HF radios, satellite-phones, and radio e-mail systems
which are usually deployed in international missions by police, security organizations, relief organizations and NGOs, which are taking place in disaster affected areas or in restless areas, but also within industrial facilities in development countries, where there is no or only an unreliable telecommunication infrastructure.

With our radio systems you will always be on the safe side!

Take advantage of our operative, but also of our technical experience.

Whether for rent or for purchase - we are always your competent contact.

We will advise you at the intended location of operation and assist you in the planning and maintenance
of your radio network.

You may take advantage of our frequency allocations as associated user or we will handle the licensing procedure
for your radio network with the local telecommunication regulator on behalf of you.

Learn more about our products and services on the following pages, listed below:
1.                            (our division for landmobile and marine products)

2.      (our division for the Security Radio Network Hamburg, in German)



The here provided communication products are not being so called consumer electronic, which is usually to get
in electronic stores. Instead we only offer professional radio devices, which are specially designed for security
and safety relevant deployments. They are working on specially assigned channels in the 2m or 4m band or on
the HF/MF bands.