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Welcome on the webpages of

ESD GmbH - Division of Industrial Security

(Investigation and Security Service)

where you will get an introduction in our operative and technical services.

In further we show here our latest products on radio- and communication devices for security organizations and
security installations and equipment.

The ESD GmbH/ISS Ltd is operative since 1990 with its legal predecessors as a competent security and technical
service provider and since 1998 incorporated in its present legal form as GmbH (Ltd. under German law) at the District Court of Hamburg. The field of tasks and services including industrial security, security and corporate counseling as well radio, communication and security electronics.

Our operative main emphasis contains among others the protection of endangered industrial facilities, accommo-dation- and office facilities, personal security/close protection, investigations in the legal spheres of crime, economical, labor- and product/patent laws.

Within our investigation services we provide a valuabe service for vehicle leasing and rental corporations.
If the obligations of the contract are not met, we are able to locate, secure and impound the vehicle in question and transport it safely by a towing service to an impound lot, where the vehicle remains until it is claimed by the leasing/rental proprietor. 

Additionally we provide the location of eavesdropping mini transmitters (so called "bugs").

In the field of our technical services we provide radio communication systems, specially tailored for security and detective agencies, event managers, industrial fire departmens, rescue services, industrial disaster management organizations, park rangers and forestry - for sale or for rent.

In the larger area of the City State of Hamburg we are operating the Security Radio Network Hamburg, with a coverage over the city, where different operation coordination centers are being connected with. It also contains the capability, to include an own operated operation coordination center as well.

Certainly we have the permission as security service providing agency accordingly to §34a GewO (German Corporation Code)
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